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5 Ways Stakrak can help your business


What is CIS

Chrome Shelving

Is your stock stored in the deepest, darkest corners of your storeroom, with poor visibility and causing shelves to sag and bow?

Our quality chrome wire shelving provides air flow, visibility, but above all huge strength. Up to 300KGs per shelf provides peace of mind for any application – from retail display to stockroom storage.

Mesh Partition

Make your warehouse space work harder for you. Adapt underutilised areas and wasted space to create effective secure storage or new work areas. 

Our mesh partitioning system provides a cost effective solution, using a modular design that can be adapted to create entirely secure storage, separate work flow areas, or simply prevent area access.

Folding Boxes

Empty storage boxes take up valuable warehouse space and are costly to ship around the supply chain.

Our folding boxes are euro standard sizes and collapse flat, saving up to 80% of volume in returnable logistics, with up to 200 fitting onto a single pallet. Strong and smart, they can be used for transport or storage and are available in a variety of sizes.

Kanban Shelving

Busy stockrooms and assembly areas can quickly become disorganised, creating delays, mistakes and ultimately cost both the customer and your business money. 

Our wide range of shelf and picking bin sizes mean that orders can be picked easily, efficiently and accurately. Suitable for stockrooms or for line-side picking, it will reduce frustrations in high-speed environments.

Bespoke Security Cages

Need to store gas bottles, secure stock or protect air conditioning units, but don’t want an over-sized cage? You can customise your cage to whatever your requirement may be.

Customise industrial cages to any size and colour you require. It’s affordable and fast. Delivery within 5 - 7 working days.

Security Cages Direct is our website for buying a wide range of security cages online.