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Stainless Steel Shelving...

Commercial, Retail, Hospitality & Industrial Purposes

multi purpose wire shelving

What is CIS

Strong Finish

laundry and linen carts

Wide Application

Stainless Steel Shelving.

Made with robust grade 304 steel.

High quality, high wight loading chrome shelving offers a modular and flexible shelving system, widely used in retail, kitchens and offices.

Your complete shelving solution!


Tough Strong finish

High Weight Loading

Easy Construction

4 Shelves as Standard

Stainless Steel Wire Racking & Shelving

Market Leading For Over 15 Years

Market Leading Quality

One of the strongest, hardest wearing stainless shelves in the industry. NSF Compliant.

Load with Confidence

300kg UDL Per Shelf (Up to W1220mm).

Max Bay loading is 1000KG per Static Unit.

Flawless Presentation

Stunning shine for retail displays. Open-wire provides product visibility, easy cleaning and excellent airflow.

Customisable & Modular

Easily changed, Shelving can be updated and added to, to meet your needs.

Many Applications

Use in offices, kitchens, retail, industry, line-side, hospitality, server rooms, exhibition display.

Simple & Elegant

Tool-free construction with click-on accessories for many uses.

Largest Stock Range in Europe -   Bay With Four shelves supplied as standard -   Shelf Adjustable every 25mm - Download PDF

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Stainless Steel (Grade 304)Wire Shelving and Racking

All prices are for a standard complete bay of H1820mm which includes 4 posts 4 shelves 4 collar Sets



Sizes: Depth x Width

Chrome posts & Chrome Add on Cips

4 Tier Shelf Unit

(4 shelves 4 Posts)


Extra Shelf
MM Ref List Price £ SIngle Shelf Ref List Price £
460 x 915 SSW44/C 364 SSW1836 80
460 X 1070 SSW51/C 400 SSW1842 89
460 X 1220 SSW45/C 416 SSW1848 93
460 X 1520 SSW46/C 516 SSW1860 118
460 X 1820 SSW52/C 588 SSW1872 136
610 x 915 SSW48/C 440 SSW2436 99
610 X 1070 SSW54/C 448 SSW2442 111
610 X 1220 SSW49/C 516 SSW2448 118
610 X 1520 SSW50/C 596 SSW2460 138
610 X 1820 SSW55/C 664 SSW2472 155
Stainless steel posts & add in clips
460 x 915 SSW44/S 432 SSW2436 99
460 x 1070 SSW51/S 468 SSW1842 89
460 x 1220 SSW45/S 484 SSW1848 93
460 x 1520 SSW46/S 584 SSW1860 118
460 x 1820 SSW52/S 656 SSW1872 136
610 x 915 SSW48/S 508 SSW2436 99
610 x 1070 ssw54/s 556 SSW2442 111
610 x 1220 SSW49/S 584 SSW2448 118
610 x 1520 SSW50/S 664 SSW2460 138
610 X 1820 SSW55/S 732 SSW2472 155
Posts Stainless Steel/Chrome
Chrome 1820 (72") PECC72 11.00
Stainless Steel 1820 (72") SSP72 28.00
Add on Clips
SSAOCP     3.00
Please note that orders under 500.00 incur a delivery charge of 20.00.
All prices are ex-VAT.

Complete bay at 1820mm with 4 Posts, 4 Shelves and 4 Collar sets.

If you require specific heights, posts please note that these stainless steel products require specialist blades to cut them down to size so please check with us first as P.O.A

Shelf collars can be placed at 25mm increments, with shelves needed at the top and bottom to reinforce stability. Additional securing may be essential for tall, narrow units.



Posts and Castors

Posts (Single)

If you require a specific height a cutting cost will apply please contact the office for prices.

Item Size mm Ref No List Price
One Piece 760 PECC30 5
1625 PECC64 10
1820 PECC72 11
2130 PECC84 13

Castor Sets (Set of 4)

2 Braked / 2 Unbraked Swivel - Grey Rubber Wheel
Product Castor Weight Capacity Total Unit Capacity Ref Price per Set
75mm Set 70kg 210kg R75 SET 42
100mm Set 80kg 240kg R100 SET 48
120mm Set 100kg 300kg R120 SET 62

Castor Heights

Castor Height Housing Height Total Additional Height
75mm 25mm 100mm*
100mm 30mm 130mm*
120mm 35mm 155mm*

*This is the total additional height that castors will add.

E.g A 1625mm High unit, with a 120mm castor set will have a total height of 1780mm (1625mm + 155mm).



All units come static as standard.

To make your unit mobile you can add castors. These each has their own weight limits, so please bear in mind the appropriate usage.

Click here to see our Castor assembly instructions.

Weight loading for mobile units is limited by the maximum capacity of the castors x 3.

E.g. 3 x 80KG would total 240KG per bay if mobile.

Mobile units have a reduced weight loading over static.

75mm castor for chrome shelving 120mm castor
75 and 100mm Castors
120mm Castor


Sales Terms
Above prices are based on PRO-FORMA payment by BACS
(cheque, Mastercard & VISA also accepted). VAT is additional.
All orders under £500.00, please add £20.00 + VAT for delivery.
Upon delivery, a signature will be required to acknowledge safe receipt.
Carriage paid to UK mainland addresses only (excepting remote parts of Scotland).
Prices are based on delivery of approximately 5 working days.
We can often dispatch next day - for faster delivery, please call our office! 
Subject to change without notice E&OE

For larger quantities, projects or site visits, please contact our Sales Office.