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Unrivalled resistance to corrosion and bacteria

multi purpose wire shelving

What is CIS

Heavy Duty Hygienic Shelving

Plastic+ Shelving

Heavy Duty Hygienic Shelving

Plastic+ Shelving

Heavy Duty Hygienic Shelving


Hygienic Heavy Duty Plastic Shelving for Cold Rooms, Caterers, Food Storage.

In certain storage applications ‘sensitive’ products require conditions which provide optimum hygiene, particularly those that are low-temperature controlled. For example, cold rooms in catering facilities and other food storage environments as well as hospitals and other critical areas. When these conditions prevail specifying the right type of shelving and racking is essential, which is why Plastic+ has been developed.

Industry testing of our antibacterial coating showed a 99% growth retardation of E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus.


Our Plastic+ shelving is NSF accredited, ensuring the highest level of quality. For more information on NSF accreditation please click here.

Available from stock, Plastic+ Heavy Duty Shelving is a non-corrosive, modular hygienic shelving system with added antibacterial protection, which comes with a 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee.

Plastic+ is manufactured to ensure unrivalled resistance to corrosion and bacteria.This treatment is applied to both shelves and posts to offer all-round protection that lasts up to 5 times longer than nylon coated alternatives.

The open or solid design provides improved air circulation, particularly important when storing food products in cold rooms and ambient defrost storage areas.

As a result food products can be stored at more controlled temperatures and allowed to defrost at an evenly spread rate.

In addition, Plastic+ is designed to provide exceptional strength to weight ratio with a shelf loading of 360kg!

All units are bolt-free design and can be fitted with a range of wheels to aid stock movement and to make cleaning easier.

Quick and easy to assemble

Suitable for temperatures from -29 °C to +88°C




Available From Stock

Antibacterial Protection

Solid or Vented Shelves

4 Exceptional Strength

10 YEAR Anti –Corrosion

Perfect for Food Storage.
60% Less expensive than Steel
Giving great value for money


Load with Confidence

Strong & robust - up to 360kg shelf load (Static) capacity

Quick and easy to assemble

Bolt-free, no specialist tools required.

5 times longer lasting than Nylon Coated

Making it Strong & Versatile
Fights Bacteria for up to 10 years
Safe environment


Vented or Solid Construction

Ensures free air flowing and dust accumulation



Ideal for use: Key Points:
  • Catering
  • Hospitals
  • Coldroom
  • Food Preparation
  • Strong
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable
  • Bolt Free
  • Open wire construction for maximum versatility



New, hygienic Plastic+shelving, In Solid or Vented from STOCK!
Depth x length

4 Tier Starter Unit

(4 shelves 4 posts)

Extra Shelf Price
mm Ref List Price £ Ref List Price £
Solid Shelves  
410 x 610 8168S 224 PP18245 46
460 x 760 8169S 248 PP1830S 52
460x x915 8170S 276 PP1836S 59
460 x 1070 8171S 320 PP1842S 70
460 x 1220 8172S 352 PP1848S 78
460 x 1370 8173S 392 PP1854S 88
460 x 1520 8174S 420 PP1860S 95
460 x 1820 8175S 488 PP1872S 112
610 x 610 8184S 248 PP2424S 52
610 x 760 8185S 176 PP2430S 60
610 x 915 8186S 308 PP2436S 67
610 x 1070 8187S 356 PP2442S 79
610 x 1220 8188S 392 PP24485 88
610 x 1370 8189S 444 PP2454S 101
610 x 1520 8190S 456 PP2460S 104
610 x 1820 8191S 536 PP2472S 124
Vented Shelves  
460 x 610 8168V 216 PP1824V 44
460 x 760 8169V 248 PP1830V 52
460 x 915 8170V 264 PP1836V 56
460 x 1070 8171V 304 PP1842V 66
460 x1220 8172V 328 PP1848V 72
460 x1370 8173V 376 PP1854V 84
460 x1520 8174V 400 PP1860V 99
460 x 1820 8175V 472 PP1872V 108
610 x 610 8164V 232 PP2424V 48
610 x 760 8185V 264 PP2430V 56
610 x 915 8186V 288 PP2436V 62
610 x 1070 8187V 336 PP2442V 74
610 x 1220 8188V 360 PP2448V 80
610 x 1370 8189V 408 PP2454V 92
610 x 1520 8190V 424 PP2460V 96
610 x 1820 8191V 496 PP2472V 114
1625(64") PPP64 10 For 1820mm units add £4.00 per unit
1820(72") PPP72 11 For 2130mm high units add £12.00 per unit
2130(84") PPP84 13



Castor Sets (Set of 4)

2 Braked / 2 Unbraked Swivel - Grey Rubber Wheel
Product Castor Weight Capacity Total Unit Capacity Ref Price per Set £
75mm Set 70kg 210kg R75 SET 42
100mm Set 80kg 240kg R100 SET 48
120mm Set 100kg 300kg R120 SET 62

Castor Heights

Castor Height Housing Height Total Additional Height
75mm 25mm 100mm*
100mm 30mm 130mm*
120mm 35mm 155mm*

*This is the total additional height that castors will add.

E.g A 1625mm High unit, with a 120mm castor set, will have a total height of 1780mm (1625mm + 155mm).


All units come static as standard.

To make your unit mobile you can add castors. These each has their own weight limits, so please bear in mind the appropriate usage.

Click here to see our Castor assembly instructions.

Weight loading for mobile units is limited by the maximum capacity of the castors x 3.

E.g. 3 x 80KG would total 240KG per bay if mobile.

Mobile units have a reduced weight loading over static.

75mm castor for chrome shelving 120mm castor
75 and 100mm Castors
120mm Castor


Sales Terms
Above prices are based on PRO-FORMA payment by BACS
(cheque, Mastercard & VISA also accepted). VAT is additional.
All orders under £500.00, please add £20.00 + VAT for delivery.
Upon delivery, a signature will be required to acknowledge safe receipt.
Carriage paid to UK mainland addresses only (excepting remote parts of Scotland).
Prices are based on delivery of approximately 5 working days.
We can often dispatch next day - for faster delivery, please call our office! 
Subject to change without notice E&OE

For larger quantities, projects or site visits, please contact our Sales Office.