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Pallet Trucks...

hand, low profile, or weigh scale pallet trucks for handling large or heavy items

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  • Model BF2500, Capacity 2500kg
  • Available in widths 450, 540 & 685 mm
  • 2 lengths 1000 and 1150mm
  • 3-position trigger; Lift, Lower & Neutral
  • Comfortable rubber gripped handle
  • The robust chassis is reinforced at the 'A' frame and the legs are strengthened along their length
  • Trucks carry CE mark and comply with all current safety legislation


Model / forks l600 / w450 1000 / 450 1000 / 540 1150 / 540 1000 / 685
1150 / 685

Available Options:

Quick Lift - P.O.A

Footbrake Option - P.O.A

Progressive Braking Option - P.O.A

Capacity kg 2500
Fork Length (L1) mm 600 1000 1000 1150 1000 1150
Fork Spread (W) mm 450 450 540 540 685 685
Fork Spacing (W1) mm 130 130 220 220 365 365
Overall Length (L) mm 1000 1400 1400 1550 1400 1550
Fork Height min-max mm 85 to 200 85 to 200 85 to 200 85 to 200 85 to 200 85 to 200
  PRICE mm £465.00 £465.00 £325.00 £330.00 £345.00 £345.00


hand pallet truck


Low Profile Pallet Truck


The low profile hand pallet truck with a low clearance has been developed for handling products such as low line crates that only counterbalanced forklifts can usually move.

  • load rollers Capacity 2000 Kg
  • Closed fork height of 51 mm
  • Extremely reliable pump fitted to robust chassis
  • 3 Position trigger
  • Comfort gripped ergonomic handle


1150 / 540
Capacity kg 2000
Fork Length (L1) mm 1150
Fork Spread (W) mm 540
Forl Spacing (W1) mm 220
Overall Length (L) mm 1550
Fork Height min - max mm 51 TO 165


low profile pallet truck


Weigh Scale Hand Pallet Truck

The WS2000L pallet truck is a high quality, hand pallet truck with an accurate & robust weigh scale built in.

  • The truck has a lifting capacity of 2000 Kg and is available in a standard size to suit the most popular applications
  • High accuracy - Maximum error 0.1% of scale capacity, even with floor conditions that are not optimal or when load is placed out of centre. Digital reader in increments of 0.5kg
  • Totalising function - Adds up multiple pallet weights
  • High Contrast display - can be read from any angle
  • Big function keys that ‘Click’ - operator always sure if button pressed even with gloves
  • High Reliability - all components are compact, designed for mobile use and have low power consumption. No connectors or components that can shake loose from shocks or vibrations
  • OPTIONAL: Thermal Printer - Printer which is reliable in mobile applications. Use of printer does hardly influence the lifetime of the batteries. The printer is protected for use at low battery voltage levels. The printer is also resistant to vibrations and shocks
  • Built in charger with a standard 3 pin plug
weighing pallet truck screen
Model WS2000L540
Longer forks available - 1220mm at additional cost.
Capacity kg 2000
Wheels   Polyurethane
Lift Height mm 200
Closed Fork Height mm 85
Fork Length mm 1150
Fork Width mm 182x50
Fork Spacing mm 570
Overall Length mm 1580
Wheels mm 74 x 70 (Tandem)
mm 180 x 50

Weight Scale Pallet Truck WS-ESR20

wieght scale hand pallet truck

weigh scale hand pallet truck


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