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Machine Guard Accessories

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Huge range of accessories

Cleaning tools

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Office Space
Cleaning tools

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STAK GUARD X Accessories

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Our accessories add a unique range of functionalities to your machine guarding.

Previously wasted space can now be utiltised to make working easier, efficient and organised.

Accessories simply hook onto the mesh frame and are secure in place.




Store instructions and documentation easily through a wide range of workstation accessories such as:

  • Whiteboards
  • Whiteboard Pen Set
  • Binder holder
  • Binder Support Shelf
  • Cup Holder

Mounting monitors on the mesh paneling means a PC workstation can quickly and easily be set up.



Having all tools to hand on site reduces down time and makes working easier.

Providing storage for:

  • Brooms/Shovels
  • Spray cans
  • Tool Board for smaller tools
  • Plastic box with holder for Shelf
  • Universal Tray box

Also available is the full height Tool Panel. This replaces a standard mesh panel, and comes with a huge range of accessories.



Tool Panel

Tool Panel

Machine Guarding Accessory Tool Panel

Wire Tray

Broom Holder

Broom Holder

Tray Box

Universal Tray box

Tool Shelf


Spray Can Holder

Spray Can Holder



Cable Management Trayswire trays

STAKRAK offers the simple, smart and flexible cable tray for our STAK GUARD X system.

The product is strong, flexible and at the same time fast and easy to assemble. You can shape elegant solutions without any welding. As with our X-Guard system few fittings and tools are needed. You can easily follow the winding shapes of a conveyor system or make on site alterations.

  • Strong
  • Flexible
  • Fast and Easy Installation

Please note that all accessories must be purchased with our Machine Guarding system.

They cannot be purchased independently.

This is ensures system compatibility and reduces delivery costs


Description Height Width Depth Colour
Shelf 95 598 317 RAL9005
Plastic Container - - - RAL1028
Holder for Container 153 154 231 RAL9005
Holder for Binder 337.5 271 64 RAL9005
Bookends 216 310 - RAL9005
(Plate required)
369 262 - RAL9005
Pen Set - - - RAL9005
Flatscreen Holder 250 252 - RAL9005
Cup Holder (With Cup) 53 80 100 RAL9005
Shovel/Broom Holder 65 294 100 RAL9005
Tool Plate 382 598 - RAL9005
Spray Can Holder 150 85 - RAL9005
Universal Box 99 293 100 RAL9005

Full Height Tool Panel

Also available is a full height tool panel that replaces the standard mesh. This provides a huge range of storage space for many tool types for those that need even more functionality and access to tools.

Colour: RAL9011

Width: 700mm

Height: 1900 or 2200mm

Price on Application. Please contact for more details.


Tool Panel Accessories
  Description Height Width Depth

Click to Enlarge

Wire Basket - 670 mm -
Shelf 1 - 645mm 210mm
Shelf 2 - 300mm
Shelf 3 - 450mm
Wire Shelf - 670mm 300mm
Perforated Tool Cupboard - - -
Suspension Beam - 670mm -
Suspension Hook - - -
Double Hook - - -
Shelf Tray 10mm 570mm 170mm
Cup - 90mm -
Screw Driver Rack - 220mm -
Screw Driver Rack - 190mm -
Document Clamp - 60mm -
Wire Basket 180mm 385mm 100mm
Spanner Holder - 390mm 70mm
Spray Can Holder - - 80mm
Plastic Bin 4L - - -
Cupboard with Shelves - - -