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Photos of recent bespoke and custom-made storage cages and shelving projects.

mesh cages

What is CIS


Chrome Wire Mobile Unit

A mobile unit to stably store long rolls of material.

Moto 3 Tier Bakery Unit

A mobile unit consisting of sloping and level wire shelves.

F Type- Oxygen Cylinder

A trolley to safely move 8 x F Type Oxygen cylinders.

Chrome Wire KanBan Unit

Chrome wire unit with sloping shelves for picking bins.

Heat Exchange Security Cage

Secure cage created to protect heat exchange unit and controls.

Heat Exchange Security Cage

Heat exchange unit security cage with solid side panels.

AC Condenser Cage

Cage to protect air conditioning units, whilst allowing ventilation.

||Dive Boat Cylinder Pallet

||A frame to safely hold 16 Cylinders on board dive boat.

||Golf Buggy Store

||A mesh cage to store Golf Buggies.

Secure Van Storage

12 cages within lockable cage - part odf a Supply Chain review.

Solid Gas Cage With Partition

Gas Cylinder cage with solid sides and one mesh partition.

||Server Cage

|| A heavy-duty cage for Servers in C London office.

Food Bank - Storage Cage

Mobile cage to protect contents whilst still providing visibility.