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Fold boxes

Re-usable, folding storage and distribution containers

folding box

What is CIS

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Blue Folding Box Comparison

Up to 80% Reduction in Size

400x300 Folding Containers

FB-4322-UK 20Litre

Folding box with Lid

FB-4322-DL-UK 20Litre

475 x 350 folding container

FB-4324-UK 33Litre

530 x 350 folding container

FB-5328-UK 43Litre

collapsing box 600 x 400

FB-6422-NG-DL-UK 41Litre

Folding Box 600 x 400 with lid

FB-6430-E-UK 57 Litre

600 x 400 tall box

FB-6432-NG-UK 61 Litre

600 x 400 with lid taller folding container

FB-6432-NG-DL-UK 61 Litre

Folding container

FB-6432-V1L-DL-UK 64Litre

Folding Boxes

UK Stock - Next Day Delivery Available

Stakrak Limited are the official UK distributor and stockist of WALTHER foldboxes.

Industrial Quality

Easy to Use

Space Saving


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Folding Frames

Collapsing Picking Walls


Agricultural Containers

Folding Boxes

Folding boxes offer huge volume reduction when collapsed, yet retain the strength of a regular stacking box. Constructed from industrial grade material, they are hardwearing and come with a range of accessories to make stock management easier.

The standard euro-sizes provide compatibility with a range of logistics systems, fitting perfectly onto pallets and shelving systems. Smooth vertical sides maximise internal storage capacity and all boxes stack together with or without a lid, folded or open.

Most importantly, they are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, providing dynamic storage logistics.

Prices are EX WORKS - Please add 10% of order value for delivery.
Orders of £100.00 nett in value or less incur a £20.00 carriage / small order charge*

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FoldBoxes Mega Packs

< <
Data Sheet Nominal
Description Size mm
External Internal
D400 x W300
FB-4322-UK foldingbox datasheet 20L Without Lid 400 x 300 x H220 365 x 300 x 210
FB-4322-DL-UK foldingbox datasheet 20L With Lid 400 x 300 x H230 365 x 265 x 210
FB-4322-ESD-UK foldingbox datasheet 20L Without lid 400 x 300 x H230 365 x 265 x 210
Non Standards
FB-4324-UK foldingbox datasheet 33L Without Lid 475 x 350 x H240 450 x 320 x 230
FB-5328 V1-UK(NEW) foldingbox datasheet 42L Perforated No Lid 530 x 350 x H285 500 x 320 x 265
D600 x W400
FB-6422-NG-UK foldingbox datasheet 41L Without Lid 600 x 400 x H220 555 x 355 x 210
FB-6422-NG-DL-UK foldingbox datasheet 41L With Lid 600 x 400 x H230 555 x 355 x 210
FB-6422-ESD-UK foldingbox datasheet 41l Without Lid 600 x 400 x H220 555 x 355 x 210
FB-6431-V1-UK foldingbox datasheet 64L Perforated 600 x 400 x H320 570 x 370 x 305
FB-6431-V1-DL-UK foldingbox datasheet 64L Perforated with lid 600 x 400 x H330 570 x 370 x 305
FB-6430-E-UK foldingbox datasheet 57L Open front on end 600 x 400 x H300 555 x 355 x 290
FB-6432-NG-UK foldingbox datasheet 61L Without Lid 600 x 400 x H320 555 x 355 x 310
FB-6432-NG-DL-UK foldingbox datasheet 61L With Lid 600 x 400 x H330 555 x 355 x 310
FB-6432-ESD-UK foldingbox datasheet 61L Without Lid 600 x 400 x H320 555 x 355 x 310
D800 x W600
FB-8645-UK foldingbox datasheet 171L Without Lid 800 x 600 x H445 755 x 540 x 420
FB-8645-DS-UK foldingbox datasheet 171L With Lid 800 x 600 x H455 755 x 540 x 420
6410-V1foldingbox datasheet 171L   4 Swivel 100mm castors 613 x 413 x H175 Blue
8620-V1foldingbox datasheet 171L   2 Swivel+ 2 Fixed 150mm Castors 800 x 600 x H200 Black

Description Price £ Price £


Add 10% for Delivery


Add 10% for Delivery

Full Pallet

Add £60 For Delivery

SKU -Pallet QTY

D400 x W300
FB-4322-UK 20L Without Lid £13.00 £10.25 £9.50 330
FB-4322-DL-UK 20L With Lid £17.00 £13.00 £12.00 260
FB-4322-ESD-UK 20L Without lid £18.00 £14.25 £13.25 260
Non Standards
FB-4324-UK 33L Without Lid £12.00 £9.25 £8.50 180
FB-5328 V1-UK (NEW) 42L Perforated No Lid £9.00 £8.00 £7.50 160
D600 x W400
FB-6422-NG-UK 41L Without Lid £17.00 £13.00 £12.00 130
FB-6422-NG-DL-UK 41L With Lid £24.00 £18.50 £17.25 110
FB-6422-ESD-UK 41L Without Lid £30.00 £23.00 £21.50 130
FB-6431-V1-UK 64L Perforated £22.00 £16.50 £15.25 150
FB-6431-V1-DL-UK 64L Perforated with lid £26.00 £21.75 £20.25 130
FB-6430-E-UK 57L Open front on end £19.00 £16.00 £14.75 130
FB-6432-NG-UK 61L Without Lid £23.00 £16.25 £15.25 130
FB-6432-NG-DL-UK 61L With Lid £27.00 £22.00 £21.00 110
FB-6432-ESD-UK 61L Without Lid £38.00 £29.00 £27.00 130
D800 x W600
FB-8645-UK 171L Without Lid £62.00 £47.50 £44.00 36
FB-8645-DS-UK 171L With Lid £78.00 £59.75 £55.00 32
6410-V1   4 Swivel 100mm castors £43.00 £33.00 Blue 40
8620-V1   2 Swivel+ 2 Fixed 150mm Castors £66.00 £51.50 Black 24

Prices are EX WORKS - Please add 10% of order value for delivery.
Orders of £100.00 nett in value or less incur a £20.00 carriage / small order charge*

Available Colours

blue container red container green container yellow container
Blue - In UK Stock Red - On Request Green - On Request Yellow - On Request


Key Features

animated fold box

Easy Collapse

Compact shipping and storage


80% Volume Reduction

Compact shipping and storage

Stacking Handles

New Easy Grab Handles

Easily lift when stacked collapsed

Ergonomic Handles

New Ergonomic Handles

Rounded handles for a more comfortable grip

Locking Lids

Locking Lids

Keep contents secure

Interlocking Lids

Interlocking Lids

Optimal Safety

Interlocking Lids

Sizes Stack

Compatible Storage

Interlocking Lids

Strong Hinges

Long Lasting Performance

collapsing mechanism Lids

Smooth Folding

Easy collapsing mechanism

*Features variable based on model


Foldboxes can be retrofitted with a range of accessories specific to your use application.

Price £
Ref Description Dimensions 5 - 10 11-50
643-62 600 x 400 Locking Drop On Lid 600 x 400 9 7
864-220 800 x 600 Locking Drop On Lid 800 x 600 13 11
643-62/N 600 x 400 Non-Locking Drop On Lids 600 x 400 POA POA
643-90 Label Holder 160 x 80 1 1
643-95 Red Security Plugs - 1 1
643-89 Pack of 100 Red snap-off security seals - 12 10
Drop on locking lid

Locking Drop On Lid

Drop On Lid

Drop On Lid

Label Holder

Label Holder

Security Boxes

Red Security Seals

Conductive Folding Containers - ESD

Do you need ESD (Electro Static Discharge) boxes? Please see our full range here.
esd logo

Folding Frame

The folding frame fits onto an existing container, instantly making it taller. Ideal for shipment of awkward height items, or for increasing capacity on demand.

Previous client uses include:

  • Overnight production
    • Increase the capacity of current item collection boxes without changing logistics systems.
  • Temporary transport of large items
    • Protect large, bulky items throughout the supply chain without needing custom packaging

Available for the 800 x 600 and 600 x 400 foldboxes.

Product Code: 864-205

Folding Frame for Boxes
Expanding folding frame
Folding Frame

Collapsing Picking Walls

Create on demand picking walls with ease and respond to seasonal demand. When no longer in use, collapse down for compact, unobtrusive storage.

The standard euro size enables easy mobility on dollies and pallets and compatibility with existing legacy systems.

Perfect for online retailers - increase picking capacity and build new areas quickly in response to seasonal demand spikes.

Simply collapse and store when no longer needed.

For our full range of picking walls, please see our dedicated page.

Collapsed Picking Walls
Open Fronted Folding Boxes
Collapsing Picking Walls

Foldbox Certification

Certificate Certificate Certificate
Certificate of Energy Management:
ISO 50001 : 2011
Certificate of Management:
ISO 90001 : 2008
Certificate of Management:
ISO 140001 : 2009


Our range of dollies provides easy stock replenishment and management of goods around the warehouse.

Our dollies are designed for every size of folding box - from 600 x 400 up to pallet sized 1200 x 800.

Food grade dollies

We also offer stainless steel fixings for plastic dollies - ideal for cost effective, food-grade storage.

View our dollies range


Collapsing Agricultural Containers - Ideal for Fruit / Product / Vegetables

Originally developed for the agricultural industry, these collapsing boxes offer protection of products and produce within the transport chain, while also being easy to clean.

  • Perforated sides provide airflow
  • HDPE food grade
  • Lightweight
  • Stackable when collapsed or unfolded
  • Ergonomic carry handles

Perforated sides and base in green with orange handles.


Collapsing Agricultural Container


Collapsing Agricultural Container


Collapsing Agricultural Container


Collapsed Agricultural Container



Code Collapsed Height External Internal Unit Weight 5-10 10-50
64/17-C 48mm 600 x 400 x H166 565 x 365 x 160 1.7KG £13 £11.50
64/24-C 48mm 600 x 400 x H230 565 x 365 x 225 2KG £13.50 £12

For larger quantities, please contact our sales office.

Download our PDF catalogue

Above prices are based on PRO-FORMA payment by BACS
(cheque, Mastercard & VISA also accepted)

Prices are EX WORKS - Please add 10% of order value for delivery.
Orders of £100.00 nett in value or less incur a £20.00 carriage / small order charge*

Upon delivery, a signature will be required to acknowledge safe receipt
Carriage paid to *UK mainland addresses only (excepting remote parts of Scotland)
Prices are based on delivery of approximately 3 working days.

We can often dispatch next day - for faster delivery, please call our office!
Subject to change without notice E&OE

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