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Attached Lid Containers

Secure Stack and Nest Returnable Containers

Stack and Nest Attached Lid containers

What is CIS

Save Space when Nested

Unique stacking design. No lid overhang.

Protect from tampering

Lids ensures tamper-free distribution, protecting goods from theft and impact damage.

Never stops working

Swap-out damaged lids for new. No need to return to supplier for repair.

Perfect for Office Moves

L600 x W400 mm

Fits Standard Pallet Sizes

Stak-ALC From 13

Green for demonstration purposes only.
Standard colours: Black (Recycled), Blue (Virgin)
stack and nest containers

Flush Vertical Stack

No overhang like standard containers

3 label spaces

Functional Design

3 Label Slots

stack and nest containers

Secure Stack when full

Strong Tessellated Lids

label space and security lock


Universal holes for your preferred seals

Flat hinged

Unique 90 Degree Lid

Ensures no overhang when stacking vertically

Tessellating Lids

Tessellating Lids

With additional interlocking groove to stop lid sliding and gives extra strength



Notches ensure safe slip-free stacking

3 label spaces

Pallet Stacking

Square profile reduces wasted space on pallet towers

Recyled attached lid container

Black - Recycled From

Virgin attached lid container

Blue - Virgin Material From

Stak-ALC (Attached Lid Containers)

The unique design of our containers allow them to nest flush and with a straight profile when empty.

This saves space within the supply chain cycle, as well as providing a neater and easier to handle nested tower.

Interlocking tessellating lids provide a strong and secure layer to stack when full.


Static weight limits for Recycled containers is 35kg, and Virgin 50kg, making them some of the strongest containers on the market.

This allows a full static stacking load of 350kg.

Standard colours are Black (Recycled) and Blue (Virgin).

Save Space

When nested empty, the specially designed tessellated lids fold and stack flush, providing a neat tower of empty units which makes distribution easier and neater.

This also protects the lids from damage in transit.

The STAK-ALC range offers increased space saving during the transportation process over standard containers.

Flat Nesting Lid Containers

Container Height:
STAK-ALC Nesting Width:
Standard Nesting Width:
Saved Space per unit: 40mm


  Virgin Recycled
Food Safe
Eco Friendly
Stack and Nest
Static Weight Load 50KG 35KG

Food Storage

If you are storing or transporting food, please ensure you are using Virgin-grade containers.

Due to the material regrinding process, purity cannot be assured and is not suitable for food transportation.


All Containers L600 x W400mm

Minimum order of 21. For quantities over 100 please contact us for a price.


Nominal Height
310mm (56L)
365mm (65L)
400mm (77L)
Quantity Price £


21-50 POA 13.00 13.50 14.50
51-100 POA 13.00* 13.50* 14.50*


21-50 POA 14.50 15.00 16.00
51-100 POA 14.50* 15.00* 16.00*
*Orders over 50 include FREE delivery - Please contact us for delivery on quantities under 50.
All prices Ex. VAT

Customise your Container

Customised logo and other colours are available on quantities over 500 units.

Moving Office?

The flush-nest design also makes them perfect for office moves, with the lids providing a square profile that can easily be stored.

Strong lids provide safe storage and transportation, keeping all of your documents and goods safe and out of sight throughout the move.

Cheaper than Hiring!

Many companies hire containers for moving office, not realising the short payback period.

Stack and Nest containers are easily stored empty, or used to store documents around the office once the move is over.

While the physical move may only take a 1-2 weeks, the full process of unpacking often takes a lot longer, and increased time-constraints from returning boxes can cause resource consuming mistakes.

By purchasing boxes you can have the peace of mind that you need not rush and risk paperwork going missing or being misplaced. Purchasing boxes allows you to take the time you need to move the office properly.

This makes moving your office far simpler and stress free.

Cost Effective:

Buy Hire
Unit Price (25 x STAK-BLUE-ALC310 (56L)) £14.50 Per Week Cost (x25) £30
    Hire for 12 weeks £360
    Collection Charge £10
    Delivery Charge £7.95
Total Cost £362.50 Total Cost assuming no damage £377.95
Prices used based on £1.20 per week, taken from the average cost for a 54/56L 600 x 400 x 310 container from leading Box-hire companies. Prices ex VAT.

Damage costs

If lids are damaged then hire-companies will usually charge at least the cost of the entire container.

The easy swap-out system allows you to replace just the lids on any container, extending the life of the container.

Payback period of a few weeks - keep forever!

When looked after properly, our containers often have a lifespan of several years. This makes them an excellent investment for any office space.

Replacement Lids

If a lid is damaged, the old lids can be removed due to the intelligent design system. The new lids can be clicked into place quickly and easily.

This increases the life-span of the container, ensuring continuous use within the supply chain with no down time.

Order Form

Please note that stock varies daily. Please contact us to avoid disappointment if you require a certain quantity or delivery date.

Delivery time: 5 Working Days. Minimum order of 21.

Weight Limits

  Static Dynamic Max. Stacking Load: Static Max. Stacking Load: Dynamic
Repro Base/Virgin Lid 35kg 20kg 250kg 125kg
Virgin 50kg 35kg 350kg 175kg

Perfectly Sized for Pallets

The 600 x 400 Size allows for easy stacking on both Euro and UK pallets, alongside 800 x 600 or 400 x 300 containers.

1200 x 800 Euro Pallet 1200 x 1000 UK Pallet




For larger quantities, please contact our sales office.

Above prices are based on PRO-FORMA payment by BACS
(cheque, Mastercard & VISA also accepted)

Prices are ex VAT. Minimum order of 21.

Upon delivery, a signature will be required to acknowledge safe receipt 
Carriage paid to *UK mainland addresses only (excepting remote parts of Scotland) 
Prices are based on delivery of approximately 5 working days.

We can often dispatch next day - for faster delivery, please call our office! 
Subject to change without notice E&OE 

For larger quantities, projects or site visits, please contact our Sales Office.