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Protective Barriers

for machinery and defining walkways

bollards and barriers

What is CIS

These highly visible safety barriers are designed for creating protective barriers around machinery and equipment and for defining walkways through industrial, manufacturing and warehousing areas.

Bollards / Posts

  • Designed to protect buildings doorways from accidental damage
  • Fully welded construction for floor mounting - fixings included
  • Extra height posts available on request for embedding into concrete
  • Powder coated in yellow, black or black & yellow as standard
  • Note: Only available in YELLOW.

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protective posts

Bollards / Posts
High visibility safety bollards and posts
Size H.W Colour Option Code Price
1100.170 Yellow RBPP110170YX £169.00
Yellow & Black RBPP110170WX
915.115 Yellow RBPP915YX £112.00
Yellow & Black RBPP915115WX
760.90 Yellow RBPP76090XYX £98.00
Yellow & Black RBPP76090XWX

Lift Out Rail Barriers

  • Modular design at either 500, 900 or 1100mm tall with easily removable rails to allow access if required
  • Constructed from tough mild steel box section
  • Ships in component form for easy onsite assembly
  • Supplied with floor fixings
  • Powder coated in yellow as standard

single rail barrier


twin rail barrier

lift out barrier rails

Rail Barriers
Lift Out Rail Barriers
High visibility safety bollards and posts
Size H.W.D Option Code Price £
Lift Out Single Rail Barrier Posts
500.80.80 End Post RBSRBEX500Y 73.00
Standard Post RBSRBBSX500Y 84.00
Corner Post RBSRBBCX500Y 84.00
Lift Out Twin Rail Barrier Posts
1100.80.80 End Post RBTRBBE1100Y 94.00
900.80.80 RBTRBBEX900Y 82.00
1100.80.80 Standard Post RBTRBBS1100Y 106.00
900.80.80 RBTRBBSX900Y 95.00
1100.80.80 Corner Post RBTRBBC1100Y 106.00
900.80.80 RBTRBBCX900Y 95.00
Size L   Code Price £
Lift Out Barrier Rails - Universal
3000   RBTRBBB3000Y 98.00
2400   RBTRBBB2400Y 83.00
1200   RBTRBBB1200Y 65.00
600   RBTRBBBX600Y 43.00
300   RBTRBBBX300Y 30.00

Low Level Barriers

  • Designed to protect machinery from accidental damage by fork lift or pallet trucks
  • Fully welded construction from robust box section
  • Powder coated in yellow or black as standard
  • Supplied with floor fixings
  • Angled steel corner protectors
corner protector and low level barrier
Low Level Barriers
Low Level Barriers
High visibility low level barriers and corner protectors
Size H.W.D Colour Option Code Price £
Corner Protectors
300.300.300 Yellow RBLLSCX300YX 689.00
Size H.W Colour Option Code Price £
Low Level Barriers
300.1200 Yellow RBLLSB1200YX 116.00
300.800 Yellow RBLLSBX800YX 90.00
300.400 Yellow RBLLSBX400YX 80.00

Safety Fully Welded Barriers

  • Choice of open or steel mesh infill panels
  • Fully welded construction
  • Powder coated high visibility yellow
  • Supplied with floor fixings

straight welded barrier
corner welded barrier
gate welded barrier

Safety Fully Welded Barriers
Safety Fully Welded Barriers
Fully welded open or steel mesh safety barriers
Size L.H. Mesh Infill Price Open Barrier Price £
Straight Units
1200.900 RBST1290MYXX 193.00 RBST1290OYXX 146.00
1200.1100 RBST1211MYXX 244.00 RBST1211OYXX 188.00
2400.900 RBST2490MYXX 309.00 RBST2490OYXX 218.00
2400.1100 RBST2411MYXX 324.00 RBST2411OYXX 226.00
Corner Units
1200.900 RBCU1290MYXX 302.00 RBCU1290OYXX 207.00
1200.1100 RBCU1211MYXX 301.00 RBCU1211OYXX 210.00
Gate Units
900.900 RBGU9090MYXX 171.00 RBGU9090OYXX 136.00
900.1100 RBGU9011MYXX 179.00 RBGU9011OYXX 145.00
1200.900 RBGU1290MYXX 188.00 RBGU1290OYXX 143.00
1200.1100 RBGU1211MYXX 200.00 RBGU1211OYXX 155.00



Above prices are based on PRO-FORMA payment by BACS
(cheque, Mastercard & VISA also accepted)

Prices quoted are inclusive of delivery, but exclusive of VAT

Orders values below £150.00 will incur a £20.00 delivery / small order charge.
Upon delivery, a signature will be required to acknowledge safe receipt
Carriage paid to UK mainland addresses only (excepting remote parts of Scotland)
Prices are based on delivery of approximately 20 working days.

Subject to change without notice E&OE

For larger quantities, projects or site visits, please contact our Sales Office.