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Steel mesh partitioning

Modular mesh partition systems

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What is CIS

Warehouse Partitioning
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Warehouse Door
Warehouse Partitioning
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Warehouse Partitioning
Warehouse Partitioning
Warehouse Mesh Partitioning
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Wire Mesh Panel Partitioning

Market leading bespoke solutions to partition any area.

The system is finished in extremely high quality, and can be easily modified and extended in the future.



Future Proof

Cost Effective


A range of doors and lock systems provides dependable enclosures for theft-prone products and materials.


Contents fully visible through mesh provides visibility for CCTV.


Quick Delivery

Delivery to site can usually be expected within 3 days from point of order.


Mix and Match Panels: Mesh or Solid Steel.


Quick, easy installation and relocation. Panels can be modified on site.


Flexible, able to reconfigure with changing requirements.

Cost Effective

The unique ability to adapt and change allows you to add to the partitioning, rather than replace it.

installation service available on this itemBespoke Modular Mesh Partitioning

We offer a comprehensive service for architects, builders, designers, contractors and end users.

This can be supply only or supply and full Nationwide installation.

Delivery to site can usually be expected within 3 days from point of order.

We offer solutions to cage-off or partition any area, inside or external using our modular panel system, which is a quick and cost-effective solution. Doors can be hanging or sliding, in a large range of standard sizes and with a choice of locking systems.

As a 'modular' system, huge quantities are available from STOCK, both in Painted or Galvanised finish, for quick delivery

Mesh Panel Options

Finishes: Galvanised or Light Grey Powder Coated (Expect 25% surcharge for other RAL colours).

All Panels can be easily cut to fit design at point of installation.

The STAK325 is suitable for high security applications, such as storing aerosols, hazardous or high value goods.

Please note panels are in order of cost with STAK 350 being the most cost effective and STAK550 being the most premium option.

STAK350 - Medium
STAK450 - Heavy
All sizes in mm Security Cage

- Lightweight

- Economical

- Wider mesh

- Most cost effective option


Bespoke Mesh Cage

Thick wire and thick frame adding additional strength.




Mesh Aperture 50 x 50 50 x 50
Frame/Tube 19 x 19 30 x 20
Wire 2.5 x 2.5 3.0 x 3.75
Heights Available 2200, 3000, 4400 2200, 3000, 4400
Widths Available
200, 300, 700, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500
STAK550 - Super Heavy
All sizes in mm Bespoke Mesh

Tighter mesh restricts hand access. Ideal for storage of aerosols.




Super heavy duty. Extra thick wire for added security.



Mesh Aperture 25 x 25* 50 x 50
Frame/Tube 19 x 19 30 x 20
Wire 2.5 x 2.5 5 x 5
Heights Available 2200, 3000, 4400 2200
Widths Available
200, 300, 700, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500


Single Hinged Door

Single Hinged

Widths: 1000mm, 1200mm

Double Hinged Door

Double Hinged

Widths: 2000mm 2400mm

Single Sliding Door

Single Sliding

Widths: 900, 1100, 1900, 2900mm

Double Sliding Rail

Double Sliding

Widths: 1900, 2300mm

Our doors are available in a number of sizes.

Hinged doors are available as either Single or Double.

Sliding doors allow easy access in restrictive, space limited environments.

Double-sliding doors available provide wide access - up to 2300mm.

Width (mm):
1000 or 1200
2000 or 2400
900, 1100, 1900, 2900
1900, 2300


Padlock Bracket

Padlock Hasp

Mesh Cylinder lOCK

Cylinder Lock


Digi lock


Electric Strike

Our locks are available in a number of types.

Padlock Bracket: The traditional security method that allows for padlocks to simply be fed through and hang freely.

Cylinder Lock: A neater handled option with cylinder lock.

Digi lock: A traditional, high security option. Provides a pin-code

Electric Strike: High tech system unlocked through a key fob. The complete door unit is supplied, however security system and fobs must be fitted by others.

Emergency Exits

Push Bar

Push Bar

Push Pad

Push Pad

Only suitable for indoor use

Push Bar: The traditional push-to-release bar.

Push Pad: A simple single pad to push-to-release.

For a full quotation simply contact our Mesh Department providing as much information as possible and ideally attaching a sketch or drawing of your requirement, or fill out our enquiry form.

Installation Examples and Case Studies

Stakrak offers a competitive nationwide installation service by professional and fully CSCS trained teams with many years of experience. 

Below are examples of the installations we have performed.


Warehouse Paritioning

Warehouse Partitioning

Warehouse Paritioning

Create Warehouse Areas

Stock Room Paritioning

Secure Store Rooms

Adjustable Mesh

Adjustable On Site


Adjustable On Site

Four Sided Cage

Four Sided Cage


Modular System

Mesh Paritioning Profile

Server Room Cages

Apartment Storage  Area

Apartment Storage Area

Mesh Paritioning Profile

Solid Panel Enclosures

Adjustable on Site

Server Rooms

Warehouse Partitioning

Underground Storage

Stock Room Security

Click to enlarge images

Single Sided Partition

Single Sided Partition

H 2,200 x W 5,004mm
2,000mm Hinged Padlockable Lock Double Door
Powder Coated Grey Finish

Two Sided Partition

Two Sided Partition

H 3,000 x W 4,644 x D 4,908mm
980mm Sliding Cylinder Lock Door
1,200mm Hinged Padlockable Door

Three Sided Partition

Three Sided Partition

H 2,200 x W 4,969 x D 3,708mm
2,400mm Hinged Cylinder Lock DoubleDoor
Powder Coated Black

Four Sided Partition

Four sided Enclosure With Roof

H 4,400 x W 3,300 D 5,600mm
2 x 2000mm hinged
Powder Coated Grey Finish

Every bespoke mesh partitioning order comes with a full 3D Rendering of the site location, as well as a detailed drawing.

This ensures that you know exactly what to expect.

Please click on each drawing for a larger, more detailed image.

Single Side Partition: Ideal for blocking off access to a certain area.

Two Sided: Suitable for creating a secure corner in a stock room or warehouse.

Three Sided: Often used in larger warehouses, our three sided enclosures provide secure working or storage areas.

Four Sided: Standalone cages can be fitted with a room to create a completely secure unit, or left without to provide a free-standing area.